How to tame a fox in Minecraft

How to tame a fox in Minecraft

Ten years after its official launch, Minecraft has hit the gaming world as the best-selling video game of all time and a pop culture phenomenon.


Players have built everything from the Eiffel Tower to Hogwarts to all of Middle-earth - but despite the name, users can do a lot more than just mining and crafting in the game.

Mobs, also known as mobile critters, roam the blocky biomes and while some are hostile, many can be interacted with and even tamed, including the elusive and adorable Minecraft Fox.

How to tame your own fox - it's a little harder than taming most of Minecraft's many mobs.

Where do foxes spawn in Minecraft?

Mobs naturally spawn depending on the biome, while foxes spawn in the taiga biomes. These cold forest biomes come in three varieties - normal, snow-capped and giant tree taigas - with red foxes spawning in normal taigas and white foxes spawning in snow-capped taigas.

Foxes spawn here in groups of two to four, and there's even a five percent chance of finding a cute baby fox! Foxes, however, are nocturnal animals that only spawn at night - so make sure you are equipped to defend yourself. They're also incredibly jumpy, so sneak around them and bring plenty of their favorite food: sweet berries.

How to tame a fox in Minecraft


Wild foxes cannot be tamed - instead, you have to convince foxes to breed Pokémon style. To do this, give a fox one sweet berry, and then give the fox you want to mate with another sweet berry. After the foxes have time to do their business, they will produce a brand new fox that will be loyal to you. If you breed a red fox and a white fox, there is a 50/50 chance of getting either color - not crazy color combinations, unfortunately.

However, the fox cub will want to follow his fellow fox friends too, so you will need to separate them if you want the new fox to follow you only. It's easy - just attach a leash to your new pet and use it to walk away from all the other foxes and in no time the mammal mob will be fully dedicated to you.

Leashes can be made with four strings and a ball of slime and can also be found in the wild in jungle temples, desert pyramid boxes and dungeons, or from drops, cobwebs, fishing rods, bartering and cat gifts.

Tame foxes are incredibly loyal and will even defend you from other mobs when they attack. However, they are known to run away at sunrise - you should fence them in just in case.

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