Norman Reedus says Daryl and Carol's Walking Dead spin-off will be very different from the original series

Norman Reedus says Daryl and Carol's Walking Dead spin-off will be very different from the original series

From Amy West


the Walking DeadFans were shocked last summer when AMC revealed the next chapter in post-apocalyptic horror would be his last . By the time the announcement came, actors Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride - who play Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier respectively - had already been told that they would be joining a future spin-off, but that didn't make the news any less bittersweet.

With six new 'Bridge' episodes airing over the next few weeks and an oversized season 11 later this year, the end is not exactly near. However, Reedus says it's already surreal to think of the show he's been on forever since 2010.

It was such a big part of our lives in every way, he says. It's wild It's not like, 'Oh, I come here for a while and do the show, then I go back to my life.' It was the defining factor in my life. It's a whole thing. We had so many friends coming and going, I have a love affair with Georgia now ... my cat loves it here.

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All he can ask now is for the series to make it big - something that luckily seems pretty likely as it was never afraid to shake things up by ditching its lead in the middle of the season or killing fan-favorite characters.

I feel like we owe it to ourselves and the fans of the show and the crew and everyone to do that. Not just like a goodbye, adds Reedus, waving half-heartedly. But it's more likely to just start.

I'm excited to see how it will end because that will determine how the spin-off begins. I want to feel like it goes out on an 11, not a two, you know ... Like a cannon.

As it stands, Reedus and McBride know next to nothing about Carol and Daryl's adventures beyond that the Walking Dead , but they promise that it will be something very different from what viewers are used to from the couple.

Eli Ade / AMC

What excites me is sitting in curiosity about what's to come ... and hoping for what it might be, hoping that it's hopeful, explains McBride before realizing that Carol and Daryl are not accurate on the Best the terms now. In season 10, the former - who was still struggling with the loss of her adopted son Henry - accidentally put Daryl's friend Connie (Lauren Ridloff) at risk during a cave in which she was in turn separated from the group.

After beating Beta (Ryan Hurst) and the rest of the Whisperers on 'A Certain Doom' together, it seemed like the duo were ready to rebuild trust between them. But it will likely be a slow process, says McBride.

I really want Carol to find Connie. I think that would fix some things and bring [her] back into goodwill with Daryl ... her buddy. I would hate it if the spin-off was about them, you know, hating each other and trying to get away from each other. Though that might be fun, she laughed.

Whatever the status of their onscreen relationship in the spin-off, Reedus is already excited about the fact that he can continue to work with McBride.

She is honest and great and there is nothing wrong with her. We hit it off right away, he enthuses, remembering the first time their characters interacted properly in season one.

[Carol] killed [her abusive husband] Ed and I kept giving [Melissa] the pickaxe with more and more blood on it, and she was very playful with it in a 'f ** k not me' way. I thought, 'I like this girl.'

I always knew that if I was in a scene with Melissa, if I just followed her lead, it would be great, and we've got to a point where we don't really have to try too hard. We don't need to find the confidence to do the thing, so it kind of makes it effortless, Reedus concludes. I can feel very comfortable going into the most unpleasant scenes with her because no walls are built. The friendship is real, so the scenes really come out.


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