The creators of space punks promise very explosive action and unlimited hours of fun

The creators of space punks promise very explosive action and unlimited hours of fun

An exciting new science fiction game has been revealed. It's called Space Punks and its developers are hoping to take quite a long time with its very explosive gameplay.


Space Punks is developed by Flying Wild Hog (the company behind the Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset franchises) and is owned by the. released RuneScape Creators of Jagex (under a shiny new banner called Jagex Partners).

With open and closed beta phases expected soon before a full release later, Space Punks is quite advanced in development. So it shouldn't be long before you can try it out for yourself! has already played an early access build of the game, and we spoke to two of its main developers about Zoom. Read on to find out what we learned about the game!

What are spacepunks?

Space Punks is a weaponized space action role-playing game developed for four player online co-op, although you can play it solo if that's your thing.

The game's lead programmer, Dawid Romanowski of Flying Wild Hog, tells us that the original idea for Space Punks was to bring the company's very dynamic, very action-packed, and very explosive brand tendencies into an online multiplayer game that was in can support new content in the years to come.

Although the exact details of the Space Punks story have not yet been revealed, Game Director Michal Kuk tells us that sonically it's all about punks' subculture, about being a rebellious outsider, someone who does things the way they want, and wherever he wants to be.

We know the game takes place from a top-down perspective, with players visiting a number of unique planets - each with their own look, feel, and enemy types - as they attempt to accomplish goals, hunt for loot, and make their way through crowds of To fight enemies. Between missions you'll visit a space station where you can buy new gear, change your outfits, switch between characters, pick up missions from NPCs, and even make your own.

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How long is spacepunks?

Regarding the scope and ambition behind Space Punks, Kuk adds: Basically, we've proven that we've been pretty good at delivering really good solo experiences with our previous games like Shadow Warrior and Hard Reset.

So at some point we thought, “Okay, now we're pretty good at delivering [experiences] second to second, hour to hour, what if we want to go beyond that? From day to day, from month to month and maybe even from year to year? ”So that was the spark that gave us this idea. Because of this, Jagex, who recently celebrated RuneScape's 20th anniversary (which keeps adding new content), felt like the perfect partners.

When asked how many hours of content there will be in Space Punks at launch, Kuk says I think it's a tough question because it really, really depends on the person playing. Because some players can spend 12 hours a day playing the game and the rest a lot less.

But it's really important to know that the way we develop the game is to support those daily sessions, which means basically every day you log into the world you need something to do do, save someone, help out something. So basically we want to have unlimited hours of fun.

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How many playable characters are there in Space Punks?

In the Space Punks Early Access build we played, there are four playable characters to choose from, and you can switch between characters between each mission.

These characters are Duke (a human man with a mood similar to the Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord), Bob (a skinny alien with an awkward personality), Eris (a human woman who excels in hand-to-hand combat), and Finn ( a walking, talking pig).

When asked about a favorite, Romanowski says: I always play as Eris, all the time. She's the one we want on your face, the one who just destroys everything in her path.

Kuk chooses another favorite and says: My favorite is Duke, absolutely. He's a middle class, long distance guy. From time to time he wants to jump into battle. But most of the time he wants to stay behind with his medium and long distance skills.

While we haven't seen any cutscenes yet, we've played with each of these characters. They are all completely voice-controlled and make jokes as you walk around the map trying to dodge the large hordes of enemies. Bob, who looks like he belongs in the back of a Men In Black movie, is our personal favorite so far.

There will be multiple skins for each character, as well as skill trees and new special attacks that can be unlocked. Any weapon you collect can be used by any character you like, as long as they are at a high enough level to wield. Take a look at the trailer below to see these characters in action ...

How is the gameplay of space punks?

Crowd control is an important aspect of gameplay, with hordes of enemies - both mechanical and organic - posing many challenges as you roam the map trying to accomplish your goals. You may have to kill a specific enemy to complete a mission, or some power source you may need to destroy, but there will almost always be multiple pesky enemies trying to stop you.

Romanowski says of the gameplay: Since we are making a top-down game that is really fast-paced and really explosive, a limitation on the player - with enemies or with things that harm him or pose a general threat, from any direction - creates the Situation we needed. In the game, the player basically has to consider where they are going and react to the things that are going on around them.

Kuk adds: And besides, one of our cornerstones for the game is to be over the top. Because being over the top is part of our Flying Wild Hog DNA that you can feel in all of our games. So being over the top in this game also means fighting hordes of enemies. This is our idea. And basically, it's good to play with your friends. So you are not overwhelmed with the amount of enemies and there is always someone behind you who can help you.

If you can do it on your own you will need to get creative and will likely dodge, sprint, and sprint to find space for yourself. Bob conveniently has a tower that you can deploy - it's a literal lifesaver for solo players. Bob is the best for solo missions, Romanowski agrees, but when we get to the more difficult stages of the game I think a combination of Bob and Eris is really deadly. Together they can really achieve a lot.

When is the space punks release date?

An Early Access PC build from Space Punks will be available exclusively from the Epic Games Store on July 14, 2021 . Jagex's Jon Goddard tells us: It's free to play, but there will be Founder's Packs that guarantee entry into Early Access.

Looking ahead, Goddard says the team intends to host a wider open beta sometime in the winter and then console sometime in 2022. But more details on that later this year.

The build we played is older compared to the one soon to be released on the Epic Games Store, but it still gave us a lot of joy. We'll be sure to get more coverage as the full release of Space Punks gets closer!

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