Star Wars legends Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford pay tribute to beloved space twin Carrie Fisher

Star Wars legends Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford pay tribute to beloved space twin Carrie Fisher

First, a devastated Mark Hamill said he had no words about the death of his Star Wars co-star Carrie Fisher before finally paying a hearty tribute to his beloved space twin:


He wrote on Twitter: It is never easy to lose such an important, irreplaceable family member, but it is downright heartbreaking. Carrie was one of a kind and belonged to all of us - like it or not. She was OUR princess, dammit, and the actress who played her blurred into a gorgeous, extremely independent, and incredibly funny woman who took our breath away.

Determined and tough, but with a vulnerability that made you fight for her and want her to be successful and happy. She played such a crucial role in my professional and personal life and both would have been a lot emptier without her. I'm grateful for the laughter, wisdom, kindness, and even the cheeky, rampant crap my beloved space twin has given me over the years. Thanks Carrie. I love you mh

This was followed by a moving tweet in which he first reacted to the news:

Harrison Ford, who played in front of Fisher's Princess Leia Han Solo, released a statement saying: Carrie was one of a kind ... brilliant, original. Funny and emotionally fearless. She lived her life bravely ... My thoughts are with her daughter Billie, her mother Debbie, her brother Todd and their many friends. We will miss all of them.

That year, Fisher revealed in her memoir that she and Ford had an affair while filming in the 1970s.

Star Wars creator George Lucas also said in a statement: Carrie and I have been friends for most of our adult lives. She was extremely clever; a talented actress, writer, and comedian with a very colorful personality that everyone loved.

In Star Wars, she was our great and powerful princess - spirited, wise, and hopeful in a role that was harder than most people think. My heart and prayers go with Billie, Debbie and all of Carrie's family, friends and fans. Everyone will miss her.

Another Star Wars veteran, Billy Dee Williams, who played Han Solo's friend Lando Calrissian, wrote on Twitter: “I am deeply saddened to hear about Carrie's death. She was a dear friend whom I respected and admired very much. The power is dark today! ’

Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO, wrote:

Force Awakens director JJ Abrams shared a handwritten note:

British actor Warwick Davis, who played the Ewok scout and warrior Wicket in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, posted on Instagram ...


Here he remembers the kindness Fisher showed him when he made the film.