Why does People Just Do Nothing end? The BBC comedy stars explain why Series 5 will be the last

Why does People Just Do Nothing end? The BBC comedy stars explain why Series 5 will be the last

How did People Just Do Nothing, the sitcom about a tiny pirate radio station in a skyscraper, move from a microdocumentary series on YouTube to multiple Bafta nominations?


Here's everything you need to know about the hit parody comedy and its fifth season Monday, November 12th at 10pm on BBC2.

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What are people just not doing anything for?

People Just Do Nothing is a parody show about a group of bad-asses trying to broadcast the illegal Kurupt FM from a high-rise in West London. It has gone from viral webisodes to four critically acclaimed series on BBC3 - and now with the fifth series to a promotion to BBC2.

Like Alan Partridge, David Brent from The Office, or Kurtan from This Country (the BBC's hit mockumentary from the Cowolds, which is the most obvious heir to People Just Do Nothing), it's a comedy about delusional men who refuse to grow up. Lovable losers, basically.

Our first Bafta nomination was for the second series, which was pretty early on, and that was just insane, recalls Asim Chaudhry, who plays Chabuddy G, the serial-failed entrepreneur and the inept manager of Kurupt FM. Peepshow was nominated! he is amazed at such neat comedy shows that the four college friends were now next to.

I don't think we were knowledgeable enough to understand how important these nominations were, Hugo Chegwin, who plays the music producer Beats, admits to Radio Times. But when we got the Bafta, I thought: Wow, that's a great achievement.

Check out the Series 5 trailer below

What happens in series 5?

When Grindah (Allan Mustafa) turns 33 on the upcoming series, it is time, to his chagrin, for everyone to move on. Can a guy in his early 30s uphold the fiction that he's a hot musician and pirate radio mogul - especially if his skyscraper is about to be demolished? It may finally be time to put childish things aside and accept growing up, which in Grindah's case could mean leaving his mansion and moving to Essex.

The show is about friendships and relationships, Mustafa says, and the problems they go through could be carried over to any world. It's essentially about these best friends who want to follow their dreams, but it's so late in life and they didn't get it right. You don't want to grow up. You're a bunch of idiots again on a big life change

Grindah lives with the long-suffering Miche (as in Michelle) and a daughter, Angel, who is not his, not that he would have noticed. Beats is partner of Roche (as in Rochelle), a security guard who wears pants around the house, and is the stepfather of their lazy, computer game-playing Mannesberg of a son, Craig. In the previous series, Steve was struck by the death of his Nan - literally haunted, he thought.

And what about Chabuddy G?

His story is pretty grim on this series. He has a glimmer of hope in moving out of his van and moving in with Carol, Chaudhry says of Mike's predatory cougar from a mother. But he has become her personal sex slave. Be careful what you want: he likes sex and his older ladies, but it's too much for him. Now he has it all the time and he is literally her prisoner. But he's also returning to his old ways of cheating.

Why does the show end?

The show's success means that having the four main cast in one place is a rarity. People Just Do Nothing are loved by millennials, music fans, and comedy students, which means they are in great demand for other projects. Most of all, Chaudhry is the quirky face of recent British Airways flight safety films.

All of this explains why the upcoming fifth season is the last. Every series has gotten bigger, says Steve Stamp (who plays Steve's most drug addict character). We went from trying to write pirate radio stories to stories about families and people dying and people getting married. There are only so many great life events that you can do. You either start to tone it down and go back to the smaller stories. Or you can keep it big and leave with a clear, high message about what the show was about.

As Hugo Chegwin (Beats) notes, you don't have to like weed, garage, or be from London to enjoy the show.

Those may be the top notes of the affable boy, People Just Do Nothing, but it's essentially a comedy about modern urban family life.

Will there be a People Just Do Nothing film?

Stamp confirms that he wrote half the script for a film, People Just Do Nothing. Obviously, everyone involved has an eye on a box office price at inbetweeners level.

Will the small-screen team's comedic big-screen adventures take them abroad?

We'll go with them, confirms Stamp and refutes all too obvious suggestions of a Mediterranean party island. We will get them out of their comfort zone.

And then?

We will be working in the call center again! shouts Mustafa.


People Just Do Nothing Season 5 begins Monday, November 12th at 10:00 p.m. on BBC2